Our Leaders

Godly leadership is a priority if any church is to function properly. In the New Testament, we see that the local church was led by ‘Elders’ (also referred to in the Bible as ‘overseers’), men who together held the ultimate responsibility for ‘pastoring’ (the actual word used in the Bible is ‘shepherding’) - directing, teaching, caring for and protecting - the church (Acts 20:17, 28). We therefore have a group of elders who together lead the church, rather than the more common (but we believe, non-Biblical) concept of a sole ‘Senior Pastor’. Elders aren’t voted into office – it’s the Holy Spirit who chooses and equips men for this service (Acts 20:28), and those working toward the church apostolically are involved in appointing them (Acts 14:23). However, though there isn’t a voting process, in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 in the New Testament, the apostle Paul sets out qualifications that men must have before they become elders, and the rightness of these men being in leadership should be evident to and acknowledged by the congregation. Christ-like leaders lead by example.

Gary Bigger

Gary was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and has spent most of his life in Cadillac. He was born again in 1998 while earning a degree at Central Michigan University and coaching high school football. In 2001, Gary went to Living Light Christian Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin to be a part of a one-year evangelism program. He met his wife, Amy while in Kenosha and they moved to Cadillac and were married in 2002. Gary began serving the church in a full-time capacity in 2005 and was set in as an elder in 2007. Gary and Amy have a passion for worship and care within the Body of Christ. They have four children: Grace, Lily, Samuel, and Elliot.

Andy Whipple
Andy Whipple was raised in the Cadillac area, and began serving Christ early in his life. He attended Western Michigan University, where he prepared to teach mathematics and science, and also served as a student leader in a campus-based ministry. In 1998, Andy returned to the Cadillac area with his wife, Kristin. They became involved in Covenant Life Church, serving as homegroup leaders and in other areas of church life. In August of 2007, Andy was appointed an elder. He currently teaches full-time at Cadillac Junior High School, and serves the church in the areas of homegroups, prayer, and children's ministry.

Carol Goodwill
Carol Goodwill was born and raised in Cadillac. She and her husband, Bill, have two sons, Chad (Jennifer) and Scott (Ronda), as well as 6 wonderful grandchildren. Carol served as a secretary to Faith Christian Fellowship Church for twelve years and has been with Covenant Life Church for twelve years. She now serves as an administrative coordinator.