Children’s Ministry

Our vision for children’s ministry is for future generations of children to be shaped by God, with Christ remaining as their passion forever. Furthermore, their lives will in turn impact the whole earth for God’s glory.
Educating our children is a family affair. It takes the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to reinforce, expand, model and practice what is being taught in the home. We endeavor to support families’ efforts in raising Godly children.

Nursery is provided for infants and toddlers throughout the entire Sunday morning meeting. After our corporate worship time, classes are available for ages 4-12. A dedicated team of volunteers works with the children and provides a diverse program of teaching, worship, prayer and discipleship. Children are capable, from a very young age, of recognizing the movement of God in their own spirits and responding to Him. Redeemed children of all ages can hear God’s voice of direction, see visions, have prophetic dreams, be His witness to others, enjoy worship, have an abiding love for God, memorize and treasure the Word of God, and much more. Our focus is to equip and inspire the children to grow deeper in their relationship with God and in their understanding of His Word, so they can rise up, find their calling, develop their gifting and take the baton forward for God.

Sunday School
Children’s Worship
Twice a month our children gather together for their own morning worship times. A team of children’s leaders and worship leaders work together to lay the critical foundation of worship. We focus on questions like “Who do we worship?”, “Why do we worship?”, and “How do we worship?”. Children learn about worship in an active, practical way as they sing, pray, listen to stories, read Scripture, and share with one another. We aim to raise up a generation of extravagant worshippers who are comfortable expressing their hearts to God, who pray for one another, share testimonies, and move in spiritual gifts, all while understanding the biblical basis for why we worship the way we do.